Christopher Vintage Cars specialises in unique cars, especially cars built in the years between the 1st World War and the 2nd World War, or from an earlier period. Besides cars made in Europe we also have cars from America. What they all have in common is that our cars are in good condition and that they can be used for what they are really made, driving. We have just started in this market and the company is still small, our collection consists of only a few cars. A lot of time is spent on searching and purchasing the cars. It is important to find out in which condition the car is. Wear or much worse, bad or wrong maintenance in the past, any of wich may have led to major damage. The originality of the cars is also an important point.

What is a unique car ? Not only the cars that are made in small quantities, or cars where only one or a few examples still exists, are unique. No, if a car has not been restored and its original condition and technical condition is so good that you can use it, then it is also a unique example.

This way every car has its charm and one will choose a car that has been restored into a mint condition and the other will prefer originality or a car with clearly visible traces of use and age. In any case, a car offered by CVC will be checked for the technical condition and the starting point is to present a reliable car that is ready to be used.

Nash model 690 (1923)

Buick model 44 (1922)

Opel model 10-40PS Pullman Limousine (1928)