Christopher Vintage Cars was founded in December 2017. I, Edwin Bos, have been passionately involved in classic cars and motorcycles since my teens. The interest in these old vehicles is not brand-bound, in fact every brand or type has its own interesting facts. Nevertheless, the interest has shifted somewhat over the years. After starting with an Opel Olympia built in 1956, which is still in my possession, the cars from an earlier period have received more and more attention. Not only the variety of models and the complete difference in use of cars from a earlier period are interesting, the development in technology is exciting and amazes you when doing maintenance or repairs.

After an architectural education and study, I worked for years as an architectural engineer, for a worldwide well-known car company, with the construction of garages, workshops and office buildings. In this way, work and hobby were combined. Nowadays more time is spent on car-related matters than on building matters. My wife, Sylvia Cats, is the hostess and takes care of the PR of our company.