Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane 18HP (1950)

Year 1950

Chassis number C188864

Engine number E188871

Body number H 4644

Engine, 6 cylinder, capacity 2300cc

4 gears synchronisedHydraulic brakes on the front wheels, on rear wheels mechanical operatedBouwjaar 1923


This Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane was delivered on August 3th 1950 to its first owner at Ponders End in Great Britain. The first registration was RNO811. The first registration in the Netherlands was given in 1978 and in 1986 the car was purchased by mr Bos in Strijen, the Hurricane was still in original condition with its original Grey paint and Maroon interior.
The restoration of the car was started early 1990, the old paint was removed and a new layer of paint was added in a new colour, off white. Technically the car was completely checked and reconditioned but overhauling the engine was not necessary. The interior was upgraded with new carpets, the dashboard repainted and the instruments checked. The seats are still in original condition. The hood of the car was renewed.
The car is regularly used since 1992 for trips with the Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club or other events. The last ten years the car was not much used cause of the age of the owner. In 2018 it was sold to CVC and in a few months’ time a lot of work was done to check and maintain the mechanics and get the car back in a good and usable condition. The brake system is cleaned, checked and the wheel cylinders and brake master cylinder are overhauled, also the brake linings are renewed. Four new tubes are fitted and the front wheel tyres are new. A new Clutch plate is fitted. It has fresh oil and filters and also the petrol pump is revised. The exhaust system is stainless except one silencer that is a plain steel one for a better sound.
In 2019 we drove a lot of miles with the Hurricane. We joined an international meeting with Armstrong Siddeley in Limburg in the Netherlands. This Hurricane is very reliable and a lot of fun to drive. You can travel very comfortable and quiet and it has enough space for luggage to use the car for a holiday.

Armstrong Siddeley produced luxurious Cars in the top segment, started in 1919,  during the existence of the brand, till the fusion with Bristol in 1960. Besides automobiles the company also developed and produced aeroplanes and engines for aeroplanes. The knowledge of building aeroplanes and engines was used in the designs and development of the cars. The Post war models are named after the aeroplanes that the company build during the war like the Hurricane, Typhoon and the Lancaster. These Post war models were originally designed in 1939 but were offered since October 1945, they had a very modern styling and also were very complete cars, for instance a heater was a standard fitted item. Many parts of the body are made of aluminium. The front suspension is by torsion bars and the steering construction used makes the car very easy and comfortable to drive.
Armstrong Siddeleys are more and more sought after and especially the Hurricane is a very wanted model. They are very solid and typical British classic cars that can be used for short and long trips, for rally’s and holiday trips.
In the Netherlands we have a small but very active club, the Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club Dutch, were enthusiasts can join to meet others and enjoy organised events with the cars or find technical support to maintain the cars. In Great Britain also is a very active Owners Club with a reasonable good supply of spare parts and technical support.

The new owner of this Hurricane will get a free membership of the Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club Dutch for one year presented by CVC.

Price € 32.000,-