Car Luggage Trunk 1
Measurements in cm, wide 80, high 46, deep 42
Colour Red with 2 black Suitcases
straight model
in good usable State, small Repair necessary.
Price €350,-

Car Luggage Trunk 3
made by Mudde
Measurements in cm, Wide 87, High 50, Deep 55
Colour black with 2 black Suitcases
slightly curved Back
in very good Condition, including chrome plated mounting Rods.
This Trunk is sold.

Car Luggage Trunk 4
made by Mudde
Measurements in cm, Wide 103, High 60, Deep 50
Colour black with 3 black Suitcases.
slightly curved Back
Big and Heavy Trunk, very good Quality.
Price €650,-

Car Luggage Trunk 5
Measurements in cm, Wide 93, High 67, Deep 52
Colour black with 3 Suitcases
slightly curved Back
Good Quality Trunk, in nice condition.
Handles missing on the outside
With a Recess on the near side, for Acces to a Fuel Cap .

Price €550,-